Optimize power generation output curve
Reduce wind and light abandonment and increase the share of renewable energy in power generation
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Optimize the power generation output curve, reduce wind and light abandonment, and increase the proportion of renewable energy in power generation
PotisBank-L liquid cooled energy storage system provides world-leading clean energy technology to improve power quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance; Military application fin liquid cooled runner design, superior temperature performance, single battery pack temperature difference ≤3℃, single system temperature difference ≤5℃; BESS matches a variety of electrical systems to improve operational performance and reliability, not only enabling smoother integration of renewable energy sources, but also helping to balance power supply and demand.
Super performance
Precise control

Three-level architecture BMS, fine management, strict control of circulation, improve battery life.

Elastic expansion

With standardized module design, strong scalability, can meet the power and energy requirements of different scenarios; All components are pre-installed in the factory, saving the time of site installation and commissioning.

Multi-dimensional fire fighting

Equipped with electric core class, PACK class, cabin class three fire protection design; Equipped with temperature sensing, combustible gas detection and other detection sensors; Compatible with water fire, cabin gas fire and PACK gas fire.

Product parameters
Model PotisBank-L5.0-1500-0.5P


System Parameters    
Battery Type LFP314Ah  
Rated Power 5015.96kWh  
Battery Rated Voltage 1331.2V  
Battery Voltage Range 1164.8V~1500.0V  
Max System Efficiency 94%  
Charge & Discharge Rate 0.5P  
Cycle Life ≥6000@25°C0.5C/0.5C,90%DOD,70%EOL  
Cooling Method Liquid Cooling  
Installation Altitude ≤2000m  
Installation Temperature -20~+55°C  
Installation Humidity 0%-95%,RH  
Ingress Protection IP54  
Communication Interface Ethernet/RS485/CAN/Domestic 4G  
Communication Protocol Modbus TCP /Modbus RTU /CAN 2.0  
Fire Control Domestic: perfluorohexanone + water spray; overseas: aerosol + water spray  
Weight 43t  
Dimension (W*D*H) 6058*2438*2896mm  
Certifications GB36276, GB/T34131, IEC/EN62619, IEC/EN61000, FCC Part15, IEC/UL60730
UL1973, UL9540A, UN38.3, IEC/EN62477, UL9540, UN3536
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