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Home energy storage
Household storage is usually installed in combination with household photovoltaic systems to provide electrical energy for home users. During the day, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system is preferentially used by the local load, and the excess energy is stored in the battery, which can be selectively incorporated into the power grid if there is still a surplus of electricity. At night, when the photovoltaic system is unable to generate electricity, the battery discharges to provide electricity for the local load.
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Stored energy
Standby electric energy
Power the home
Automatic switch between grid-connected and off-grid, suitable for home, island, emergency backup power supply and other scenarios.
Lower energy bills, smart Settings that can be used to reduce reliance on the grid during peak periods, cleaner and more environmentally friendly; Discharge during peak hours to achieve maximum energy saving effect.
App and web management support real-time monitoring anytime and anywhere, comprehensive understanding of household energy use, can be upgraded remotely.
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