24V smart lithium
Cheaper, safer, smarter and maintenance-free
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24V smart lithium: more money saving, safer, more intelligent, maintenance free
The on-board power supply is an efficient integrated intelligent power management system (IPCP) independently developed by iPotisEdge, which can realize rapid installation, eliminate tedious wiring harnesses and redundant interfaces, and realize miniaturization, lightweight and standardized design.
Super performance
Precise management

Precise management of cell, lower precision error, battery life cycle management.

Early warning function

With over current, over temperature, over voltage, under voltage protection.

Strong temperature adaptability

Equipped with heating film to meet the needs of low temperature work.

Product parameters
24VPower supply


24VBattery system parameters A B  
dimension 570*332*235 598*324*235   
cell 53AH 206AH  
String coordination number
System capacity
System rated voltage
System energyKWh
Parking at a different gate
Parking start  
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